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Most Recent Listings with FLresource.net   1. CBD Essence Health Products
  2. Creative MindWorks
  3. Crypto Capital Gains
  4. Geyen Group South
  5. Orange Movers Miami

Top 10 Viewed Listings with FLresource.net   1. Dock Holiday Boat Rentals
  2. CPR and Sports Medicine Services of South Florida
  3. St. Petersburg Times
  4. Altamonte Mall
  5. Paws Plus Puppies, Inc.
  6. Peace River Poodles and Poms
  7. Kaplan Continuing Education
  8. Ivey House Bed and Breakfast
  9. Palm Beach Post
10. Bradenton Herald

Top Ten Most Visited Towns in PA with FLresource.net   1. Fort Lauderdale - FL
  2. Tampa - FL
  3. Jupiter - FL
  4. Jacksonville - FL
  5. Boca Raton - FL
  6. Altamonte Springs - FL
  7. Hollywood - FL
  8. Lakeland - FL
  9. Clearwater - FL
10. Fort Myers - FL

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 • Sports and Fitness
 • Accounting and Financial Services
 • Lodging
 • Health and Wellness
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Placed in the Exclusive section of our directory to the Top above the fold. We can display your ad in random maner or we can display it with assigned numbers of impression per day or month. This is a great opportunity to expose your business.

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Placed on the Top of selected category or location of our directory. There are only 2 of these listings per location/category and are open to the top two bidders. These listings are also rotated through "Featured Listings" area in the first/top spot. $35/yr.,

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Premium Listing


Placed below the Exclusive Listings but above all other listings. There are 10 Premium Listings available per category or location. Page position will be open to bid. These listings are rotated through the main page in the "Florida On The Web " area but do not appear at the top of every page. $24/yr.

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Bronze Listing


Placed above the Free Listings. There are an unlimited amount of these listings available per location or category. Listings are displayed in assigned order and are above all "Free" listings. We will give you a Standard Link option if you Link Back to our site. Contact us if via our form if you have any questions.

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Free Listing


Placed bellow all paid listings in alphabetical order. With "link back" we will upgrade your listing to Standard.

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